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Local church in Uffenheim

In June 2011, we celebrated our first worship service in a small room. We were not even 20 people. Meanwhile, more than 100 people attend our service, we have rented an office- and seminar center and a community has developed.
What an exciting journey!
Many people ask us, if we are a Church. But what acutally is a “Church“? It is the house of God – a place filled with heaven and populated by living stones, the people. A place, where God acts supernaturally – completely sovereign or through people who have learned to pay attention to his momentum and to release His power. We help people to live faith in everyday life, to develop their giftings and to be part of something greater. Here people find a home, community and purpose.
How can you be part of the unlimitedGod Family? Here you find 4 opportunities.

Become a friend of unlimitedGod. Support our Vision in prayer and finances. You can get more information at our Info Meeting…

contact FRIEND give Transformer

Attend in the Transformer school and become a Transformer for your living environment. Learn how you can live your faith in everyday life. When you participate as a guest, a lot will speak for itself.

Help to make the vision of unlimitedGod come alive. Work with us. You can take over a task, that fits to your giftings. For that you should know our DNA... which you learn in the Transformer School.

Bless and you will be blessed. Invest in the expansion of God’s Kingdom. As a public charity association we are allowed to give out tax-deductible receipts.





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