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Pastor Rüdiger Schöndorf

Ruediger grew up in a Catholic merchant family in Duesseldorf. Searching for a purpose in life he got tangled up in sex, drugs and rock’n roll during the hippie era. When he met Jesus People on a vacation trip to Corsica, he surrendered his life to Jesus and became free. From that point on, he started to testify Jesus among his friends. He experienced that a lot of them turned away from their wild life, became free from drugs and followed Jesus. For some years Ruediger preached the Gospel with an evangelistic group in Europe. Later he became ordained as a pastor. He led several youth works and Churches and he is a popular speaker and seminarist at youth- and church events. In his ministry he consistently experiences supernatural healings and power of the Holy Spirit.

“Since I gave my life to Jesus, I am driven by a desire that anything Jesus said and did, would happen again in this world among the people and in this society:„Heal the sick, raise the dead... and preach the Gospel to the poor!“ There is nothing greater for me than to live and serve from the Presence of God. In His Presence is perfect love and acceptance, deliverance and restoration.“


Stefanie Schöndorf

Steffi is leading unlimitedGod with her husband Ruediger and works part-time as a personal expert in a big company. Since childhood she was in search of really experiencing God. She grew up in a traditional Protestant environment in a rural area in Mid-Franconia. At her confirmation she confessed her Christian faith very intentionally and at an evangelistic event she gave her life to Jesus. During her au pair stay in the U.S. she met the Willow Creek Church. Back in Germany she became a staff member and later a leader of the student group „Campus for Christ“ in Wuerzburg. When she met the Holy Spirit during this time, a new dimension of faith opened up for her. In Ruediger she found a companion on the journey of discovery after more of God. Since then they are on the journey together to explore the depths, width and height of the fullness in Christ.

„I desire that the life, the energy, the beauty and the joy of my heavenly Father permeates all of my life. And not only my own, but also the lives of all people who come in touch with it! That is the reason why I dance: dancing captures me completely and I can express to God, what I could never do with words.“


Nathanael Kreglinger

Nathanael has studied Social Work in Nuernberg and is living in Uffenheim with his wife Lisa. He grew up in Wuerzburg and learned there how to know and love Jesus. His Christian family home has layed a foundation, so that he radically directed his life on Jesus when he was 18, and thus his lifestyle completely changed. The passion to follow Jesus is the driving force in his life. He is married to Lisa and they have a daughghter.

“My heart burns to see how people implement, what Jesus has ransomed for them. My greatest wish is to experience the supernatural power of God in action, changing lives completely and making them new. I want to set other people free to take risk in a supernatural way supernaturally and to experience, that they do greater things than Jesus did.“


Lisa Kreglinger

Lisa grew up in a small town in the Spessart, where she believed in God through the model of her parents and grandparents since she was a child. But in 2008 she experienced that God wants to have personal relationship with His children.

Therefore one year later she gave her whole life to Jesus during a Christian youth camp. Since then she is daily experiencing God’s Presence. Lisa is married to Nathanael and studied special education in Erfurt. Now she is running a children´s daycare in Uffenheim.

“I burn to see that children are taken seriously with their believes. I want to see how Jesus heals the sick, raises the dead and leads people into freedom through children. I desire this lifestyle to multiply among children.“


Simon Bricher

Simon Bricher grew up in a Christian family in Giebelstadt, close to Wuerzburg. Since his childhood he was part of a free Church. His parents led him into a real relationship with Jesus, so that he gave his life to Jesus with 8 years, after hearing his father’s testimony before going to bed. At a youth camp in Luedenscheid he got to know the Holy Spirit and a process of purification began. His gifts developed within the youth group of the church and he led a youth worship band. He attended the Bethel School of Supernatural Worship in Redding, CA. He has studied media design at the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences and now  he is running his own buissiness “Bricher Creativ Solutions” in Uffenheim

“My heart burns for Jesus! I want to see a generation, that is living a radical love- relationship with Jesus, that positions itself as the next generation in the Kingdom of God among the elderly and seeks God’s Presence with their whole life. I want to bring God’s Presence to places, where it has never been before. Worhsip is the language of my heart.“


Sabine Schettler

Sabine was born 1970 in Meiningen, Southern Thuringia and grew up in a Christian family in the midst of a communist environment. Already with 8 years she came to her personal faith in God. Since then, she is constantly seeking after God's heart.
how His Spirit is working and which things are possible for those who believe. In the Mid-90s she studied in Würzburg und married her husband Falk. They have two sons.

“I am an intercessor who loves to stand before God and marvel. I am amazed by the Presence of God and by His power to heal, to deliver and to restore. I think it is so important to really understand who we are, what mission God gives us and what power we have through that.“


Franziska Bricher

Franziska grew up in Seenheim, a little village close to Uffenheim. She is Stefanies Sister, and when Rüdiger ans Stefanie came to Uffenheim to start a church, she was one of the first who came to take part and lear more. She gave her life to Jesus when she was 14 and now she is very stron in faith, prayer and prophecy. She studies in Fulda to become a midwife. Together with Simon she leads the youth NextGen and NextGenTeens





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