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We discribe us

as a Christian non-denominational welfare organization. This term contains the core elements of what is important to us as unlimitedGod ministry.

We are a registered non-profit association for the promotion of the Christian faith. Our work is based on the Gospel. Among us only biblical teaching content is represented and we do not accept special gauges. The concern for balance and accuracy in exegesis, the understanding and interpretation of biblical texts, are characteristic of the sermons and teaching.

Interdenominational means to be not explicitly associated to a denomination (Church) because we do not want separation from other Christians. It is important to us to be connected with all Christian communities, churches  and with all to the Gospel committed believers as possible, through mutual respect, love and trust. It also means we are legally independent from the state and national Church institutions.

Welfare means an activity carried out for the public good and not for money-making concerns for people in need. It means especially the concern for health of people and their moral or economic well-being and their development for the better. "God wants everyone to be saved" (1 Tim 2:4) - in spirit, soul and body - this is what we want, too.

We are also called a Charismatic Church. Charismatic comes from the Greek word “Charisma“, which means the gifts and assistances of the Holy Spirit, that God offers  to all Christians. In our Church life we intentionally make room for these gifts.


The work is registered as a non-profit organization at the district court Fürth. It does not raise membership fees and does not receive Church tax money. All expenses are met by voluntary donations. The budget is disclosed in the members' meetings, and regularly checked by the tax office, like all non-profit associations. For donations tax-deductible donation receipts can be issued.

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“Where there is no vision, the people perish“ says the BIBLE in Proverbs 29:18. It is very important to us to look at what is our mission as the Church and where we're going…

We are a team of six leaders. Our passion is to spread God's Kingdom and His souvereignty here on earth. Our dream is to create a Church culture that creates life and makes ongoing revivel possible…

The unlimitedGod Church in Uffenheim and surroundings…

Even if you are not on site, you can still be part of the unlimitedGod Family and share our vision. There are several options…

It is our explicit wish, to maintain a friendly relationship to preferably all Christian Churches, confessions and congregations in Franconia, Germany and worldwide…





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