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The work is particularly connected with the Charismatic movement and the movement of the new churches. 550 million of the 1,6 billion Christians in the world count themselves to the Pentecostal-Charismatic movement.

It is our explicit wish to maintain a friendly relationship to preferably all Christian Churches, confessions and congregations in Franconia, Germany and worldwide.

We have a closer relationship we have to the D-Netz* and to Global Legacy**.


is a network of German Churches under the leadership of four initiators of our country.

(Andreas Hermann, Christliches Zentrum Wiesbaden; Matthias Hoffmann, Ychtis Gemeinde Hannover; Wolfhard Margies, Gemeinde auf dem Weg Berlin; Peter Wenz, Gospel Forum Stuttgart)


is a worldwide Network of pastors and leaders who feel connected to Bethel Chruch in Redding, CA.




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